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Canada I’m Yours – Megan Morman

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1. St. Marie
2. Jack Pine painter
3. Loveliest of all
4. Based in Belgium
5. Orangutans live here
6. Secular
7. Adolf Loos thought it criminal
8. Snatch
9. Do without
10. Refugees
12. Destroys
13. Jillian McDonald muse
18. “For the poor”
20. Student ____
21. Magic move
22. Bullets
23. Instead
28. Glitch
29. For dogs or your boyfriend?
30. Biblical sex worker
34. French or British
36. Artists go on them
37. Hidden chamber
38. Cullen mom
40. Sexy spy
41. Do it to your lawn
42. Skank, in London
43. Star-nosed…
44. Glacier resident
45. It’s full of losers
46. Catherine & Scarlett
47. Yay…?
53. David Yonge sat in one
54. Indian aesthetic theory
55. Where the sun rises
59. Spiral Jetty owner
60. Signal-to-Noise Ratio


1. Phasers on
5. ____ job
8. Includes kissing
11. Fairy of Legend
12. Lionz noisez
14. Hot ____ (for musclemen)
15. Leave out
16. Pee prefix
17. Expressive melody
19. Sackville, he’s yours
22. Audio Line Out
24. ____ Second in Montreal
25. Dad wanted you to get one
26. Hall breakout hit: ____ Sweater
27. Toronto sex worker & videomaker
31. ____ ____ Black
32. Mikiki’s champagne trick
33. Shoo away
34. Joanne Bristol collaborator
35. Helium-neon laser
39. Pandemonium
42. Long Nordic stories
43. Frank’s Cock maker
48. Starchy tuber
49. Robert’s Rules of Order
50. Mr., in Finland
51. Goes up & down in Toronto
52. Lorri or Shawna
56. Blood suffix
57. Miss Canadiana wears one
58. “Gay plague”
61. Cooperative insect
62. Non-fiction text
63. Twirl
64. Classical Japanese theatre
65. Quarter notes
66. Emperor

Megan Morman’s practice wrestles with questions of belonging and “recognition by one’s peers”; she’s particularly interested the ways that membership in cultural communities is established through storytelling and gossip. She is interested in practically everything, especially things that are none of her business. Megan’s performance and visual work has shown at festivals and galleries including Visualeyez, Artcity (Calgary), AKA Gallery, Neutral Ground and SAVAC. In May 2008 she was awarded the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts’ Jane Turnbull Evans Endowment Fund for emerging women artists, and her work is in the permanent collection of the Saskatchewan Arts Board. She is currently the Volunteer Coordinator at AIDS Saskatoon. You can find her at megan@populust.ca, or online at her art gossip blog Cooler: http://www.artgossip.ca

Comments from old site:

Submitted by Pete (not verified) on Mon, 05/03/2010 – 19:20.

32. Mikiki’s champagne trick


Submitted by MikikiandGuest on Tue, 05/04/2010 – 18:45.

Shhhhhhhh! Pete, some people didn’t know that!

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