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nomorepotlucks » Death in the Shadow of the Umbrella – Aiyyana Maracle

Death in the Shadow of the Umbrella – Aiyyana Maracle


So I must ask one more time:

How is it, Why is it,
that 20-some years after the imposition of this “umbrella of inclusivity,”
with its implied belief that this would be a safe, secure space
for all ‘trans’ folks.

How is it,
that transsexual women
are the only segment of society
Where it is largely socially acceptable to publicly, loudly,
ridicule and humiliate us?

Why is it,
that tedious tomes continue to be churned out by a circle of lesbian / feminist writers, denying, decrying, the conceptual possibility of a transsexual woman?

And yet we continue to be the targets of violence and death much too often.
How many deaths are too many?

Oh for the time when our lives matter, more than our deaths.

In this ongoing struggle for basic human rights, surely,
It is our turn to be at the forefront.

Aiyyana Maracle
August, 2015

“Death in the Shadow of the Umbrella” premiered at the Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver 2015.

Camera: Bradley A. West

Aiyyana Maracle is a multi-disciplinary artist, scholar, educator, and a great-grandma 4-times over; a sovereign Haudenosaunee woman. For half-a-century, Aiyyana has been actively involved with the merging of Ogwehoweh art and culture into the Euro-centric world and consciousness that surrounds us. She has been insistent that this inclusion into Canadian society be done with dignity and respect. In that same vein, for 20-some years she has sought that same inclusion for herself and other gender-variant folks. Through performance art, video, theatre, in her published work, and innumerable public and academic presentations, Aiyyana has offered an alternate framework to the prevalent Euro-centric view of ‘gender dysphoria’. Aiyyana is presently sorting out the direction, the path her journey continues on from here.