Disruptive Play With Feminist Art History – La Centrale’s 40th Artist Projects and Celebrations – Jen Leigh Fisher

Artists in this series examined a range of themes, from the authority of history, to the reanimation of the archive and re-performance. After exhibitions and residencies took up this dialogue with the community’s and the gallery’s history, La Centrale fêted its 40 years with a performative feast on May 30th, 2014. This decadent evening featured the projects of artists Kirsten McCrae, Noémi McComber and Sonja Zlatanova, with the members and community of La Centrale attending in costume with reference to a favourite feminist artist or artwork. Kirsten McCrae of Toronto, in residence at the gallery, mounted part of the Hot Topics series of portraiture as well as a series of giant heads that were paraded about the neighbourhood by partiers, led by Montréal artist Noémi McComber at the apogee of her performance. McComber’s performance included a set of rituals with fire and cake and Zlatanova created a performative feast work that drew attendees into each dish which paid homage, sometimes interactively, to the many pasts of feminist art being commemorated.










* All photographers have given their permission to use the included images, which were taken as documentation under contract with La Centrale. Artists, attendees who feature prominently were contacted for permission as well.