Editorial 1: Birth

Thrown : photo par Nikol Mikus

Born. Again.

A birth is a beginning – a moment of coming into, of coming out of, and of emerging from, a new existence.

It is this kind of “birth” that has inspired the first issue… and not so much the cultural obsession with babies. Birth of a new year, birth of new era, birth of a new way of being afforded by technologies like print on demand (our first print issue will be available early February, 2009) content management systems like Drupal that make websites dynamic and easy to use, and of course, your everyday, DIY, recording equipment. We are looking for people all across Canada to post short entries and photos on our media page.

The birth of (a new) NMP – a journal of politics, arts, and culture – will come to define itself through you, the readers. We look forward to your feedback, your reactions, your contributions to further issues dealing with a range of topics like copyright, ego, health, softball, making out, spirituality and interactivity. Our next issue, out March 1, 2009 carries the theme of “Trespassing/Transgressions”.

Ce premier numéro est un début, un renouvellement pour NMP, dorénavant publié sous forme de journal-zine qui, tous les deux mois, vous offrira une vaste gamme d’articles et d’entrevues sur une thématique particulière.

NMP continues to be run entirely voluntarily by a group of people impassioned by cultural production, re-defining culture in each issue. We’re trying something new here and we hope you are going to like it.

I am grateful beyond words to people who contributed to this first issue, who trusted us blindly to make this come together. Merci à toutes les personnes qui ont permis à ce projet de voir le jour.

I followed Mary K. Bryson’s Adventures in Deconstruction online for the past few years. This, after a series of uncanny, albeit virtual, encounters. It’s quite something to grow to care for someone you have never met in person, to follow them on such an intimate journey, to have a friendship born through and bound to the internet. It is an honour to have her writing published in this first issue.

Nous sommes tout aussi enthousiasmées de publier ici un article de Line Chamberland, militante lesbienne féministe, portant sur le boycott du bar Madame Arthur. Ce précieux récit me donne envie d’entreprendre une démarche concertée de recherche et de publication de contenu historique, et de contribuer d’une façon plus systématique à la redécouverte et à la célébration de notre culture, dans toute sa richesse et sa diversité.

De plus, vous trouverez d’éclectiques et fascinantes contributions de fiction, de poésie et de style « manifeste », par plusieurs artistes et militantes triées sur le volet par les éditrices de NMP pour cette édition d’inauguration : Dianah Smith, Julie Doucet, Trish Salah, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha et Allyson Mitchell. Nous espérons qu’elles sauront alimenter et renouveler votre réflexion critique et artistique.

In journalistic and academic form, Nicholas Little and Stu Marvel explore the interplay of health, culture, art and identity.

A stunning cover image entitled “Thrown” taken by Montréal-based photographer Nikol Mikus adorns our first issue. Mikus sets the bar very high for future issues and we are very proud to feature her work as part of NMP’s rebirth.

Finally, four fascinating features by NMP editors include M-C MacPhee’s interview with internationally famed photographer, Cathie Opie, bringing to light her work on temporary communities—fishing houses and surfers—complementing her earlier seminal queer portraiture. Dayna McLeod delves into the work of The Scandelles and Bruce LaBruce, a well-known porn amateur and filmmaker, becoming NMP’s first of many exclusive video art features. Mathilde Géromin offers us a self-reflexive account of “becoming” Canadian – and I am so very happy to have her here working with us. Elisha Lim’s astonishing Butch Portraits are to be a regular feature of NMP – more of Lim’s work to come in every issue.

Also, you’ll never miss another Dykes on Mykes show – we have them all archived for you.

A very special thank you to my lesbro Jeff Traynor for his technical support with the website – I know you’ve put in a crazy amount of time and energy into this. And thank you to Maryse Bézaire for configuring the NMP of yore, which we are working to archive and make accessible in the near future.

Big love to M-C MacPhee and Dayna McLeod who have lost more than a few nights’ sleep over this, and to Mathilde Géromin and Elisha Lim who seriously enrich the scope and reach of this project.

Thank you to our translator, Gabriel Chagnon, to copy-editors Lindsay Shane and TS, and to you, the readers, to whom we are committed to bringing forward the greatest and most audacious magazine ever made, in the the entire universe.

Mél Hogan

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I am really excited to see what’s next. fantastic issue. congrats!