Editorial 13: Chance

Le thème : chance.

Chance is said to be one of the most mysterious paradoxes of human existence. It’s a huge concept – and a perfect theme to launch year 3 of NMP.

Chance is the mysterious and unpredictable. It seems to have no assignable cause. Chance is a force assumed to cause events that cannot be foreseen or controlled. Chance is luck. Good luck. Bad luck. The luck of the draw. The falling of the dice. The way the cookie crumbles.

Normally we’d go the superstitious route and explore the dark side of the chance given that this is the 13th issue. Superstition : « le chiffre 13 est porteur de malchance. » But as we launch year 3 of NMP we feel good—lucky even—and we’re not in the mood for threatening associations. We are very grateful to have such amazing contributions to kick off 2011. Thank you to all the contributors for this issue as well as everyone who submitted work in 2009 and 2010—we know you work long and hard to produce something special.

Chance ou hasard : absence de cause pouvant être prévue, comprise ou infléchie. Concours de circonstances inattendu et inexplicable. Tout ce qui existe est le fruit du hasard …

Sur la couverture, la photographie de Catherine Bodmer. Bodmer est interviewé par Mathilde Geromin, qui est avec NMP depuis ses débuts. Proche de l’idée de transformation et de la dimension du temps, Bodmer discute d’intervention artistique, du réel et de l’invention.

Chance, as a concept, derives from Latin’s cadere which means to fall, and from cadence in music, a fall in pitch. Etymologically, chance is also as a verb meaning “to risk”.

Stephen Lawson speaks with Alexis O’Hara about the art of improvisation, and within the process, those necessary reflections on sabotage and failure.

Chance as possibility or probability… and the “distribution of life chances.”

In a terrific interview with Lucas Crawford, Chris Vargas discusses the place of lucky accidents in his filmmaking process, mainstream trans representation, where to take Barbara Walters on a date, and the code word for “love and eternal life.”

Momoko Allard, NMP’s valued publishing assistant, speaks with documentary filmmakers, Ameesha Joshi and Anna Sarkissian, about women boxers in India, and the chances, choices and sacrifices the women who train to box make to get in the ring. Traveling light, Joshi and Sarkissian detail their filmmaking experience in India: trust, travel and translation are key components.

To both the numerologist and the tarot reader, 13 is a number of transformation. According to a blog I read as research for this editorial, the number 13 usually leads to “a destruction, a tearing down of the old structure” but it’s a kind of change that is “followed by a rebuilding in a new, often better form. It is never an easy process, and requires hard work and persistence to see it through.”

RM Vaughn is back for another round, and this time shares with NMP his insights on Tarot card reading, extra-natural events, and performance art.

Regular contributor of NMP, Elisha Lim, and first timer Pilar Gallego contribute beautiful illustrations to issue 13.

NMP’s video curator Dayna McLeod speaks with Amir Baradaran about his latest video installation project, Transient. Transient interrupts New York Taxi TV’s regular programming to capture, challenge, and transform the everyday ride in 6,300 taxicabs for approximately 1.5 million passengers in New York City.

Finally, in a short anecdotal essay, Erica R. Meiners explores immigration contexts in the U.S., and the “lucky few” that may be eligible for U.S. citizenship, through her very own experiences of border crossing.

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Thank you to Dayna McLeod and our regular contributors for keeping up the amazing quality of NMP.

Big thank-you to everyone who attended the Meow Mix – the Sala was packed! Very special thanks to Miriam Ginestier for organizing all the Meow Mixes and for being so generous and just generally an awesome person. Huge thank you also to Meow Mix performers: Jackie Gallant, Erin McGregor, Nathalie Theoret, Alexis O’Hara, Jessica Salomon, Emilie Roberts, Jordan Arseneault, and Julie Tamiko Manning. Thank you to our very own Dayna McLeod for her amazing MCing of the event. Thank you to all the volunteers and technicians, too. Another special thank you to Sarah Williams and Meredith Fowke for your generous biding on print issues of NMP.

Stay tuned for issue 14, March 2011, for which the theme is “animal”…

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Dear readers, we are still and always committed to bringing forward an auspicious and serendipitous magazine bimonthly.

Mél Hogan

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Submitted by Jane Moloney (not verified) on Sun, 01/09/2011 – 14:59.

Found this explanation of an untranslatable word and it reminded me of what great work you’re doing ….. keep it up!

Chinkook jargon – [POT-latch] “An opulent ceremonial feast (among certain North American Indian peoples of the north-west coast) at which possessions are given away or destroyed to display wealth or enhance prestige.” (Oxford English Dictionary)