Editorial 14: Animal

This issue of NMP explores the theme of “animal.” This theme is inspired by many things emerging from social media: the infamous ANIMAL computer virus of the 1970s, pet videos on YouTube, and most recently the mapping of mass animal deaths.

Animal est le thème que nous explorons ces mois-ci.

• Être vivant non végétal ne possédant pas les caractéristiques de l’espèce humaine
• La nature physique, sensuelle ou charnelle des êtres humains
• Animalité : l’animal qui réside en chacun de nous
• Bas instincts, danger : la bête humaine

Animal as in:

• Any such living thing other than a human being
• The physical, sensual, or carnal nature of human beings
• Animality: the animal in every person

I saw Constance Carrier-Lafontaine present a paper on antivivisection a few months ago at a conference, and was impressed by her amazing writing style and the beautiful but strange nature of the content she was researching for her doctorate. In Carrier-Lafontaine’s own words: “Through the archetype of the “mother dog,” the ideological pillars for an interspecied sisterhood are erected.”

Calgary-based, Wednesday Lupypciw’s performance video explores the banal and the gross by way of exposing the relationship between a woman and a fax machine. Hilarious and insightful.

Illustrators abound, NMP features the incredibly alluring and captivating work of multidisciplinary artist Jenny Lin in a fictional narrative about the kidnapping of a reclusive dominatrix. Covers is presented by GIV at Maison de la culture Plateau-Mont-Royal, 465 ave. du Mont Royal est, March 9, 2011, 19h30.

Graphic novelist and interdisciplinary artist, Antigonish-born Elisabeth Belliveau explores animals through themes of “in-betweeness and potency of transformation in animal-people–creature worlds” in her Drawing in Measure series.

JD Drummond, Montreal-based artist, social worker and researcher, attempts to understand our experience of, and in, our bodies, and the confusion that ensues. Fur is her thread.

There are also 3 interviews in this issue of NMP: Toshio Meronek interviews Danny Orendorff and Adrienne Skye Roberts, curators of the queer art show Suggestions of a Life Being Lived, which was held in San Francisco in 2010.

Sound artist, Nancy Tobin is interviewed about her Expire project, opening in April at la Fonderie Darling in Montréal.

J’ai eu l’occasion de communiquer avec Sophie Bellissent pour une entrevue par courriel au sujet de ses photos, dont celle qui apparaît sur la couverture.

Finally, BRUCE presents their first video, inviting the viewer to an intimate exchange about animals, kings, and dreams tracked over a period of 11 months through email.

Thank you to all the contributors who have made this another excellent issue of NMP! Thank you m-c for the ongoing curatorial genius. Big thank-you to Dayna McLeod. Thank you to Tamara Shepherd–copy editor extraordinaire!!! Gros merci à Gabriel Chagnon et Fabien Rose. Thank you to Lukas Blakk, too.

A HUGE thank-you to Momoko Allard for being a thorough, detailed, dedicated, and overall amazing person to work with on the publication of NMP.

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Mél Hogan

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