Editorial 16: Motive

La motivation, c’est l’énergie qui nous anime. Dans ce numéro d’été, juillet – août 2011, on vous invite à réfléchir sur ce concept.

If you haven’t already noticed, NMP is free. No need to create an account, no need for a subscription, no password = free. We scrapped the subscription model – not because it didn’t ‘work’ – but because we wanted it to be an open project. After 2 years we still didn’t see how a forced scarcity model benefited anyone, nor how it aligned with our intentions. That said, I would like to send out a big thank-you to all past subscribers, and ask that anyone willing and able to please continue to donate to NMP – just enough to cover our minimal operation fees. Better yet, support us by buying a hard copy or digital PDF directly from the printer, Lulu. Order it online and the issue will be delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.

You can now access back issues to reread Mary Bryson’s Adventures in Deconstruction from our inaugural issue; you can click through Mariko Tamaki’s guest edited issue Mea Culpa; and you can browse through the current issue, all in the same sitting. Pick anything to read and watch and listen to from our Archives. You can read across issues, thematically, randomly, playfully.

On behalf of NMP, I recently participated in a roundtable entitled FEMINIST PROCESS AND DIGITAL MEDIA ART at ICA Boston. The session reminded me of the significance of independent projects like NMP and the need to articulate DIY culture in as many contexts as possible. Being in a room full of smart women motivates me.

Later this summer, M-C and I are traveling to Vancouver to present NMP at the We Demand conference – where a good dozen conference participants have appeared in NMP in the past 2 years alone! Community motivates me.

And, I just got invited to brainstorm with Fembots, a feminist initiative from Oregon University, looking to launch an academic journal online that brings into question the academic peer-review model and the politics of the academic publishing industry. Collaboration motivates me.

mo·tive (mtv)
1. An emotion, desire, physiological need, or similar impulse that acts as an incitement to action.
2. (mtv, m-tv) A motif in art, literature, or music.
1. Causing or able to cause motion: motive power.
2. Impelling to action: motive pleas.
3. Of or constituting an incitement to action.
tr.v. mo·tived, mo·tiv·ing, mo·tives
To motivate.

T.L. Cowan writes about video-performance artist Dayna McLeod. McLeod gets a break in this issue of NMP; from uber contributor to source of inspiration. As a personal favorite of mine, McLeod’s video work is deserving of all the attention it garners. Performer, activist and professor, Cowan, writes of the “unapologetically and hyperbolically queer.”

NMP favorite, Nicholas Little, writes his final piece as a regular contributor, exploring the role of online gay chat rooms in dealing with internalized homophobia. Come back anytime, NMP loves you.

Michèle Pearson Clarke speaks with this issue’s cover photographer, Zanele Muholi, about her ongoing portrait series of black lesbians and transmen, Faces and Phases.

Corina McDonald introduces the project e-Artexte, which is due to launch in the fall.

Massime Doucet contribue son 3ième texte à NMP «État vitreux». Doucet est aussi l’auteur de «Du bon goût» et «Chez les eux», parues l’année dernière chez NMP.

With NMP from the beginning, Elisha Lim presents 10 lovers. Shop for Lim’s goodies at their Etsy store.

Joshua Pavan talks with Against Equality members Ryan Conrad and NMP regular, Yasmin Nair, about their take on gay marriage economies, inclusion politics, and fantastic queer futures.

Karine Silverwoman interviews Pink Ink Youth; they reflect on their relationship to writing and their experiences in Pink Ink. Be sure to flip through their beautiful zine!

Erica R. Meiners interviews MEN’s JD Samson about their debut album.

Thank you to all the amazing contributors.

Special thank you also to M-C MacPhee and Dayna McLeod who make NMP possible.

Big thank you to Fabien Rose, Tamara Sheperd, Jenn Clamen, and Renuka Chaturvedi for your copy editing magic.

Thank you to Momoko Allard for your invaluable assistance with the print version.

Welcome and thank you to Erin McGregor for getting the NMP calendar going…

Stay tuned for issue no. 17, coming out Sept. 2011, for which the theme is “magie”. This magical issue is guest edited by the amazing Sophie Le-Phat Ho.

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Mél Hogan