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nomorepotlucks » Editorial 2: Trespassing

Editorial 2: Trespassing

Cowboy Bar par Lise Beaudry

Trespassing. Transgression.

In issue 2, NMP explores Trespassing. As a theme with so many connotations… what is trespassing? What does it mean to transgress? What are the limitations, the risks, the consequences, and the outcomes of crossing lines, of blurring boundaries?

How do we define trespassing? To be gradually intrusive; to enter without right or permission, to move back from the encroaching tide, to invade, to hunt, and to pass. La transgression est le fait de ne pas respecter une obligation, une loi; de ne pas se conformer à une attitude courante, naturelle; d’envahir, d’aller contre ce qui semble naturel.

I know what most of you are thinking. So before I get into the details of this most amazing second NMP issue, I offer a few words on format.

Where is that promised “print” version?

Well, some of you may have already noticed: It’s here. It’s ready for you to print on demand from Lulu, or as a FREE download here. You can print it yourself that way – maybe for cheaper. Print on demand is expensive, especially during a global economic crisis, and with terrible conversion rates, it’s really quite inaccessible to most. We know this. But the truth is that it’d be even more expensive to print it in Canada, even given all these costs. If anyone knows of cheap but good Canadian print on demand services, email us immediately. Otherwise, print it yourself! Or, save the trees and read it on your monitor. Or better yet, subscribe to the online NMP for a mere 30$/year and support NMP. De cette façon, vous aurez un accès illimité aux contenus vidéo et audio, et nous allons être en mesure de payer pour le site.

Now, NMP 2. How happy am I with this? So very happy.

Once again, we have incredible interviews and articles by NMP editors. NMP editor Dayna McLeod interviews prominent photographer Lise Beaudry, who has given us the stunning cover image for this issue. We’re very happy to showcase Beaudry’s work in #2. In addition, McLeod matches lesbian icon Shawna Dempsey with video wonder Divya Mehra.

Notre plus récent ajout à l’équipe de rédaction de NMP, Gabriel Chagnon, nous apporte un texte important, une réflexion sur le contexte entourant la sortie du film Polytechnique. Bienvenue à bord, Chagnon.

Fabien Rose nous propose un texte de réflexion portant sur l’(auto)identification, le « gender passing », qui s’alimente à une production universitaire. Discutant le lien entre la perception et la réception dans la politique du genre, Rose s’intéresse à la possibilité d’envisager que « nos interactions sociales en terme de passing [puissent] être d’une quelconque utilité politique. »

Laura Agustín’s essential discussion about the misperception of migrating people as either “pathetic victims” or “predatory scroungers” sheds a bright light on the interlocking notions of agency and victimization. Originally published in 2003, Agustín’s words still ring true in our present day political context and we feel it important to republish it in NMP’s second issue.

Current political issues are addressed in Meg Leitold’s article, where she discusses “Operation Cast Lead,” the bloody air and sea invasion of the Gaza Strip by Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) in December 2008. Passage Oublié negotiates between formalist new media art and political demands by investigating airports as sites of illegal detention and transport of suspected terrorists.

Video activist Martha Steigman give us a visual context to the Barriere Lake blockade maintained by the community until Canada and Quebec honour their agreements and respect leadership customs.

Lucky for us, we have John Caffery review Toronto’s 100$. I saw 100$ play not too long ago in Toronto and was blown away by this new Janis Joplin and her band. It was really one of the best live shows I’ve seen in ages. The kind of show that’s so down to earth but goes and gets you right in there… go see them live and buy their album now. Seriously.

The lovely Sasha converses with the equally lovely Gentleman Reg about belonging, signing falsetto, and the politics of (not) giving it all away.

From music to noise, Mel Mundell speaks with Her Jazz Noise Collective in Vancouver, about space and gender, and noise with toys.

Du bruit au son, j’ai interviewé Nancy Tobin sur sa double vie en tant qu’artiste sonore et conceptrice de son pour le théâtre. Elle contemple la place de l’artiste à l’ère du numérique et elle s’interroge : « Si je ne suis pas en ligne, puis-je exister ? »

Amy Kazymerchyk’s review of WACK! suggests that the show’s “events paid homage to the history of feminist art and artists, and celebrated the culture of collaboration and collectivity that arose out of the feminist revolution in the 1960’s and 1970’s.” She admits that these works made her reflect on the undeniable influence of the feminist movement on today’s radical politics. Is feminism dead? Is the revolution over?

Two beautiful illustrations gild the pages of NMP: Lim’s incredible comic, part of her ongoing Butch Portraits series, and GB Jones’ I am the Rain made especially for NMP. Thank you.

Notre prochaine édition porte sur l’Ego. Attendez-vous à un numéro très spécial…

Another very special thank you to my lesbro Jeff Traynor for his technical support with the website – we now have an archive and a functional subscription option.

More big love to M-C MacPhee and Dayna McLeod who continue to lose more sleep over NMP. Thank you also to our translator and new NMP editor, Gabriel Chagnon, to copy-editors Lindsay Shane and TS, and again, to you, the readers, to whom we are committed to bringing forward a really special and smart magazine bimonthly.

Mél Hogan