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nomorepotlucks » Editorial 20: Witness

Editorial 20: Witness

Welcome to the WITNESS issue.

Witness as in:

To observe.
To attest.
To testify.

One who has personal knowledge of something.
One who can give a firsthand account.
One who gives evidence.
One who is called on to testify before a court.

A character witness, blind witness, Witness Lee, paranormal witness, auricular witness, adverse witness, hostile witness, compellable witness, Jehovah’s witness, prosecuting witness, zealous witness…

In this issue…

Momoko Allard speaks with cover photographer, Yuki Kokubo, about her documentary work on sites of environmental loss. Kokubo also discusses her current project; a film about her parents who live in a region of Japan affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011.

Mandy Hiscocks blogs (sends letters to friends who type her words and upload them to her blog) from Vanier Prison in Milton, Ontario. She expects to spend most of 2012 in jail on charges of conspiracy, for her participation against the G20 in Toronto, summer of 2010.

Karen Herland interviews human rights activist Laura Agustín and discuss how migrant women’s lives are impacted by international concerns about human trafficking.

Tara-Michelle Ziniuk interviews long-time community radio programmer, activist and unofficial lesbian historian Laura Yaros about the importance of archiving queer and women’s histories.

Toshio Meronek speaks with Jason Fritz-Michael and Matt Momchilov. They describe art from their show Hayride, inspired by the first-wave AIDS crisis and self-help guru Louise Hay.

Featured in this issue is the second in a series of interviews by Owen Chapman with Montreal-based audio artists conducted during the summer of 2011 as part of a “writing audio art” residency at the Oboro new media centre. For Witness, Chapman speaks with Nimalan Yoganathan.

As part of a series of interviews with artists on the MTF spectrum, Tobaron Waxman introduces Raafat Hattab رأفت حطاب a genderqueer Palestinian performance artist from Jaffa يافا.

Jay Donahue gets the inside scoop from Eric A. Stanley and Nat Smith about their new book: Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex.

On sabbatical from York’s Department of Sociology, Lesley Wood turn to war stories to question the transformative potential of “witnessing something horrific.”

A series of accidental photos documenting the first-person perspective of a long-term care home are captured by 86-year old Joyce Dix on her cellphone camera. These become fodder for Cait Harben and Sarah Mangle to address issues of autonomy, privacy, and the culture of elderly care facilities.

Dandy Horse Magazine asked Marlena Zuber to map her favourite cycling route in 2009, but it evidences much more than this: love, landmarks, and alternatives.

If You Can, Dance was originally commissioned by SubTerrain Magazine; a piece by Vancouver-based filmmaker and performance artist Amber Dawn that brings testimonies to stage.

We are ready to announce the themes for 2013. They are:

25 Jan/Fev 2013 – ARCHIVE
26 Mar/Apr 2013 – HAUNTED
27 Mai/June 2013 – CRUSH
28 Jul/Aug 2013 – REVENGE
29 Sep/Oct 2013 – Guest Editor (tba)
30 Nov/Dec 2013 – USED

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Thank you to the whole NMP team, especially to Jenn, Ren and Tamara for their stellar copy editing and to Dayna for her video compression magic. Sending love to regular contributor, Yasmin Nair.

Extra special thank-you to Jacqueline Wallace for the extra special support. THANK YOU. Virtual nod to the Fembots, too.

Mél would like to personally thank Mars for the planetary boost in self-confidence. M-C has nothing to say right now (but is also secretly rooting for Mars.)

Dear readers, we are still and always committed to bringing forward a existential and experiential journal bimonthly.

Your NMP Editors,
Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee