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nomorepotlucks » Editorial 32: Perform

Editorial 32: Perform

Welcome to #32: this is the PERFORM issue.



Perform as in:

– to see through to completion
– to fulfill
– to pass as
– to carry on
– to enact before an audience
– to entertain

Activist scholar performers, Lindsay Eales and Danielle Peers, are interviewed by Magdalena Olszanowski about Crippin the Crutch: body tools in motion, where we learn how performance activates symbiotic relations outside of a frame of compulsory able-bodiedness.

Dorothée Smith et Virginie Jourdain discutent de photographie, de portraits, sous la loupe queer, en y accolant un discours engagé sur la question du genre et des revendications identitaires contemporaines.

NMP favourite, Dayna McLeod provides an extended artist statement that describes her project, Cougar For a Year, a yearlong durational performance piece that investigated and lived the stereotypes of the ‘cougar’ i.e., a woman over-40 who aggressively demonstrates her sexuality by wearing nothing but animal print clothing.

M.E. Luka and Ursula Johnson have an in depth conversation exploring Johnson’s development as a conceptual performance artist over the last several years. Through compelling images, audio clips, and video materials, they provide a sense of the energy and cultural context needed to realize Johnson’s practise.

Anna Joy Springer, is an artist, performer, and cross-genre writer who investigates the weird intersection of sacredness, perversity, and interbeing. For NMP, she presents an introductory chapter to a new experimental memoir she’s working on, about the time her estranged homeless father visited her at the peepshow where she worked.

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As always, huge thank-you to our copy editors for this issue, Tamara Shepherd and David Moffette; to all the contributors past and future; and to you, the readers and supporters of the project in so many ways.

Happy end of winter,

Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee