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nomorepotlucks » Editorial 34: Failure

Editorial 34: Failure

Welcome to #34: this is the FAILURE issue.



Failure, as in:

• the inability to perform a normal function 

• fracturing under stress

• a lack of success 

• falling short

• when things don’t pan out the way you’d hoped


For all issues of NMP, we invite contributors–academics, activists and artists–to play with the one-word theme, like FAILURE, and to roll with it, subvert it, break it down, and disrupt it…

In this issue:

We thank NMP regular and east coast outreach, M-E Luka, for bringing in the work of Asna Adhami whose photography appears on the cover of this issue. Oppressions and representation are central to Adhami’s poetry and images. In her work, she suggests ways to acknowledge compassion, to move beyond “failures.” Luka interviews Adhami and discusses how she endeavours to engage in the worlds she touches through poetry and photography.

In the summer of 2014, Syrus Marcus Ware and Elizabeth Sweeney teamed up to guest curate Re:purpose – an interactive group exhibition that focuses on artists who repurpose and reclaim objects and ideas within their practice, and in doing so present new ways of seeing and understanding the world. For NMP, an interview between them serves as an excerpt of the curators’ conversations about the exhibition, the act of re-purposing and an on-going failure of imagination within the Canadian arts ecology.

Aziza Ahmed speaks with NMP favorite, Karen Herland. They begin their conversation by talking about Amnesty International’s adoption of a policy position to support the decriminalisation of activities related to the buying or selling of consensual sex between adults. Ahmed and Herland discuss the implications and the significance of this for human rights discourse on sex work.

Cait McKinney is a PhD candidate in the Communication and Culture Program at York University. For NMP, McKinney offers a feminist intervention into the prevalent understandings of the accessibility of digital technologies in archival contexts, and gives an overview of the Lesbian Herstory Archives’s ongoing digitization of their spoken word collection of audio tapes.

NMP featured the work of Anna Joy Springer two issues ago, in Perform. For this issue,  Springer and Eileen Myles discuss the popularity and uses of the concept of “failure” among arts communities. They talk about fame, abjection, poverty, neoliberalism, and reckless generosity.

If you would like to pitch us an idea for a future submission, please consult our Guidelines and use the Submit form (or email us: info at nomorepotlucks dot org). Issues fill up quickly. We’re especially interested in raw, experimental, and self-reflexive works.

Our next issue will be guest curated by La Centrale Galerie Powerhouse and will be launched out Sept 1, 2014.

As always, huge thank-you to our copy editor, Tamara Shepherd; to NMP regulars M.E. Luka, Karen Herland, and Andrea Zeffiro, and to all the contributors past and future; and to you, the readers and supporters of the project in so many ways.

Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee