Editorial 36: Encounter

Welcome to #36: this is the ENCOUNTER issue.

Cover36: Maria Hupfield, Contain That Force

ENCOUNTER, a close encounter, a chance encounter, a casual encounter… as in:

• an adversarial confrontation
• a clash
• to meet with unexpectedly
• a surprise visit

In this issue:

NMP regular, Andrea Zeffiro interviews Maria Hupfield – a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist from Canada and a member of Wasauksing First Nation, Ontario – about encounters between performance and audience.

Phobe, Sharon & Alice speak their hearts about growing older with their partners in trans*ition.

Artist Sharlene Bamboat interviews Basil AlZeri about his social practice connecting food, art and politics, creating intimacies with and for his “guests,” the audience.

And, NMP regular, M.E. Luka makes connections between two contributions for this issue, her conversations with François Gaudet and Vicki Mayer.

Reflecting on those contributions, Luka says,

The spirit of that (Mayer) piece focuses on theorizing the queering of diasporic experiences related to the narrative of the place (a vibrant, multicultural, creative and contradictory site, in one of the poorest states in the US) and also to a very current but somewhat fraught economic driver there: the media industry. The idea that many types of personal relationships are possible there and that colourful, complex expressions of identity, place and creativity bubble up or are otherwise generated, comes through. Not in a superficial, touristy kind of way, but as a way of life, deeply embedded over time and through many kinds of economies, battles, settlements, sediments.

Our next issue theme is PROTECT (inspired by Karen Herland – thank you!), coming out Jan 1, 2015.

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Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee