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nomorepotlucks » Editorial 39: Trash

Editorial 39: Trash

Welcome to #39: this is the TRASH issue.


, as in:
• to trash talk
• to throw away, dispose, get rid of
• worthless objects, useless objects
• the discarded, the rejected
• a receptacle of unwanted things
• rubbish, scrap, garbage, refuse, waste….

In this issue:

A conversation between Montreal-based artist and researcher Magdalena Olszanowski and Australian artist Marlaina Read. Olszanowski’s recent photographic work centers on the menstruating woman’s body, drawing on ideas of transgression, boundaries, and the abject. These photos are featured in NMP and adorn our cover.

Leah Horlick is a writer and poet from Treaty Six Cree territory in Saskatoon and is a 2012 Lambda Literary Fellow in Poetry. In this issue, Horlick presents two new poems exploring the idea of home.

Kim Renders is a founding member of Nightwood Theatre, Canada’s preeminent feminist theatre company. For NMP she offers a reflection on making theatre with people from diverse backgrounds and experiences and how waste can be an extraordinary starting point for something positive and productive. wasteAWAY is an artist and community performance collaboration.

Robin Alex McDonald interviews Toronto-based performance artist and self-identified “filth queen” Nancy Bocock about the significance of ‘waste’ and ‘trash’ to queer, trans*, and drag cultures while also considering how an “aesthetics of trash” connects contemporary queer visual cultures to their historical roots in punk subcultures and camp.

Guyomar Louise Pillai asks: Can the remnants of the past be salvaged? 1996: The Last Birthday “pieces together the tattered fragments of memory, illustrating the worn, even ruined, quality of recollections of time past.”

NMP comes out every 2 months online, and later in print-on-demand. We are very happy to welcome Yishan Huang to the print team to help us catch up on p.o.d issues over the summer!

As always, huge thank-you to Tamara Shepherd for copy editing, and to all the NMP regulars, contributors past and future, and to readers and supporters of the project in so many ways.

Mél Hogan, M-C MacPhee and Andrea Zeffiro