Off Topic Interview: Nancy Tobin’s EXPIRE

 Track: Off Topic: “Barbara Walters” with Nancy Tobin (13:55)

Consider this conversation a game…

A little bit like not touching the line when walking on the sidewalk or driving on the yellow line of the bike path… You do it for no reason really.

A while ago I thought of starting a question collection by famous interviewers. It was just another idea among many others in my notebook until I finally came around to it for this issue of NMP. The audio clip featured here explains Expire, the installation I am presenting at Fonderie Darling in April 2011.

Ironically, I learned a lot answering the questions; I got caught at my own game.

In line with the theme of this issue, I dedicate this interview to Tiger, Princess, Victoria, Augusta, Joe, and Leo.

Nancy Tobin is an audio artist based in the St-Henri neighbourhood of Montreal. Her sound designs for dance and theatre productions have been part of the Festival TransAmériques, the World Stage Festival, the Festival d’Avignon and the Edinburgh International Festival. Tobin has, in her twenty years of experience, developed a specialization in vocal amplification for theater and is known for her distinct style using unusual loudspeakers to transform the aural qualities of her compositions. In performance and sound improvisation, Tobin collaborates regularly with turntable sound artist Martin Tétreault (duo MONOÏDE, the TURNTABLE QUARTET and the SUPERHEART perfomance). Her solo work includes commissions for the group ARTIFICIEL (Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal), and curator Eric Mattson (Mutek Festival and other special events). Her current performance instrumentation consists of electromagnetic transducers, vintage tone generators, and small speakers. In 2007, she formed BêTEs NoCTurnes an open collective improvising live on the idea of sounds of nature at night.

EXPIRE is a hybrid performance-audio installation exploring endurance, slowness, and perpetual obsolescence. This new work will open on April 20th at the Fonderie Darling of Montreal.

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