Performing Love #01: I am loving you. – Antonia Hernández

The power of love. What is love? Is love a force? If love is a force, then why it is necessary to build it up? How powerful is love? Is love independent of the beloved object? Is it a necessary object/necessarily an object? Why? Can it be a random one? Can it be an unknown one? How is love experienced? Can love be performed? Can love be performed through a computer screen? Can love be performed through a computer screen in front of an unknown person?

Performing Love #01: I am loving you is an attempt to tackle these questions. This exercise can be related to a broader inquiry into the nature of online relationships. I am loving you is a performance using the video-roulette site as its medium. There, random people are invited to be loved by someone behind a hand-made sign, in an attempt to avoid common biases related to gender or age. The song “Something Good” from The Sound of Music provides the soundtrack for the performance. This song talks about a face-to-face loving situation, reinforcing the performative character of love. The speed of the song has been changed in order to stress this characteristic.

Over the last ten years, Antonia Hernández has been working to understand the complex domestic environment by focusing on its pornographic and ecological components, as well as its biodigital entities. She is currently finishing a Master’s in Media Studies at Concordia University in Montréal. For more, see

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