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nomorepotlucks » The Illustrated Gentleman – Elisha Lim

The Illustrated Gentleman – Elisha Lim

Elisha Lim

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Elisha Lim was born in Toronto and grew up in Singapore, in a Catholic convent girls’ school overrun with queers, many of whom inspire their first graphic novel 100 Butches. Elisha finally came out in Berlin, and embarked on a sharp learning curve of feminist squat houses, queer trailer parks, transgender pride parades and an Ethical Slut reading group. Elisha was thrilled to be named “Artist in Residence” by Curve, a “Queer Woman to Watch” by afterellen.com, and to run their strips in magazines like Diva, LOTL, CapitalXtra! and NOMOREPOTLUCKS. One of their biggest thrills to date is to be the first exhibit at Allyson Mitchell and Deirdre Logue’s inspiring brand new Feminist Art Gallery, aka FAG.

Elisha’s first book 100 Butches will be published next year and the 2011 Wall Calendar “The Illustrated Gentleman” is currently on sale at http://www.etsy.com/shop/elishalim