TROPisme MAthildien – lamathilde

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lamathilde is a video-sound-performance artist. Her work investigates identity through sexuality and gender using low-grade video, super 8, manipulated film footage and stop-motion animation. Sound is at the core of her practice. Her work has been shown in many galleries and international festivals, including Pink Screens – Brussels, Festival des films gais et lesbiens – Paris, London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival , Mix Festival – New York, and as well as in Germany, Italy, Holland, Philippines, Canada, Slovenia, Australia, Lebanon. Born in France, lamathilde lives and works in Montreal. She was part of the sound-performance collective WWKA, (2004-2012) has hosted a radio show for 5 years and is an active member of the Montreal visual arts scene. She’s part of Coral Short’s performances since 2008 and works with her on different collaborations, Sexnoys (Vancouver), Social (Montreal). Named lamathilde for a variety of reasons. By eliminating the customary capital letter at the beginning, I eliminate its signification as a name. By using a variation of my first name I remove the traditional patriarchal lineage of naming. Adding the definite article determines the female gender, but also refers to a concept as a whole not just one individual. lamathilde is singular and of the human species. 
That name also references celebrity culture, whereby megabands are named “The…”(