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nomorepotlucks » Two Poems, from Lyric Sexology – Trish Salah

Two Poems, from Lyric Sexology – Trish Salah

distance scorns

temporarily impure as (“testes-souls”); dress you in rays
&#160recover nerves, sleep on it
it wants to, to repeat, disappear the impure.

we specify special measures to exclude
the recurrence of such existence for mechanical fastening,
technique of a rough idea.
in a looser form: “typing-to-the-rays”

swear words the souls hung onto
&#160kindling bundles formed of rods, sore
looser feces of fastening, insufficient defense against my attraction
dissolving my body, as more resistant

an apex, clot mouthed, glass cut.

Explore the wreak

wake quiet, we
quiet, don’t we
want to, don’t you
wreak the wake.


maybe the tragedy of sex is not
what we thought.

re-visioning; you
don’t say. when was?

was liberation supposed to come
from denying women shelter?


we own what we know
or, we don’t
or we
recouping being
from the peripheral
then, but now?


women’s country
now in the torsion of a violent naming [1]
but i would have loved a carnival


dear Adrienne Rich,
you inspire me
so much
&#160you are trending on twitter, so
my student says:
also what’s a hashtag, again?
also: #transmisogyny
#a complicated mourning


“are they gonna do this every time a famous

[1]  (yes, michigan still…
body, the floating poem,
a phobic utopia,
&#160that hauntmine

Trish Salah is the author of Wanting in Arabic and the forthcoming, Lyric Sexology. Her recent writing appears in Feminist Studies, Eleven, Eleven, and Topia. And she has work forthcoming in the anthologies, Contested Imaginaries and Féminismes électriques. She is a former editor of Fuse Magazine and currently teaches in English and Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Saskatchewan.

Image from: http://www.flickr.com/photos/pagedooley/3769058618/sizes/o/in/photostream/