Claude Cahun – Eloisa Aquino

Eloisa Aquino was born gay in São Paulo, Brazil. There, she was already making zines and working as a journalist on the side. She then moved to Canada to pursue a master’s in media studies at Concordia University, writing and thinking about the food of immigrants. Currently living in her adopted city of Montreal, she works as a translator and runs the micropress B&D Press.

The series of zines The Life and Times of Butch Dykes tells the stories of fantastic women who helped make the world a better place. Their strength resided not only in their extraordinary talent but also in their willingness to challenge and subvert oppressive societal norms. The word “butch” itself has a rich history. Once used to vilify, it has now been embraced as descriptor of masculinity for all genders – and as such it is used also as a compliment. But “butch” is still a controversial term that could potentially lead to awkward conversation.

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