Mél Hogan

Mél Hogan is a cofounder of NMP. Since 2009, she is the Art Director, co-curator, and designer for the website and print editions, and makes it her job to keep up with all the latest and greatest publishing tools for DIY production. She is also the webmistress and Tweets for NMP @nomorepotlucks For all things technical, email: mel [at] nomorepotlucks [dot] org


M-C MacPhee

M-C MacPhee is a cofounder of NMP. She is an editor and the principal curator for NMP. Since 2006, she has been programming Dykes on Mykes Radio, in Montreal. EMAIL: mcmacphee [at] nomorepotlucks [dot] org if you would like to submit to the journal, or for any press related questions.


Andrea Zeffiro

Andrea Zeffiro is a co-curator for NMP. She is a Hamiltonian by blood, a Montrealer by heart, and a Vancouverite in spirit. Her next adventure brings her back to the Golden Horseshoe after a 10 year absence. EMAIL: andrea [at] nomorepotlucks [dot] org

Yishan Huang
Print Layout Assistant

Yishan Huang - Print Layout AssistantYishan Huang is a Communications major at the Illinois Institute of Technology. She appreciates every little happiness in her life and is always ready for challenges. She wants to be a fighter, not only for herself, but for other people in need.


Tamara Shepherd
Copy Editor

Tamara Sheperd - Copy EditorTamara Shepherd researches the politics of digital media cultures and teaches across critical communication studies. Originally from Toronto, she currently lives, works, eats, sleeps, and knits in London, UK.


M.E. Luka
East Coast Outreach

Mary Elizabeth (“M.E.”) Mary Elizabeth (“M.E.”) Luka is a Post-doctoral Fellow at Ryerson University. Her interests are based in the digital humanities and studies of creativity and creative labour, including a focus on production practices in cultural media production, the work of artists, and the intriguing dynamics generated at the intersection of the arts, broadcasting and digital production and distribution. For NMP, M.E. conducts interviews, and serves as East Coast outreach and correspondent.


Lindsay Shane
Copy Editor

Shaner - Copy EditorWriter, recovering academic, treeplanter and becoming-somatic educator. After residing in Toronto for ten years, and seeing little of the world outside, she left for NW Ontario where she worked in the bush from spring until fall. This was followed by a journey to Yellowknife where she spent a couple of months of quality alone time with the sub-artic landscape. In the past, Shane wrote for earlier incarnations of NMP under the moniker of “Dexter”. Currently she is back in Toronto, albeit not for too long.


NMPers of yore:


Dayna McLeod as Video Curator
Rachel Hawthorn as Print Assistant 2014
Karen Herland as a Regular Contributor
Yasmin Nair as a Regular Contributor
Renuka Chaturvedi as Copy Editor
Elisha Lim as a Regular Contributor
Fabien Rose comme Rédacteur
Nicholas Little as a Regular Contributor
Momoko Allard as a Regular Contributor
la Mathilde comme Informatrice
Lukas Blakk as Database Support
Gabriel Chagnon comme Traducteur
Jeff Traynor as Drupal Consultant
Jenn Clamen as Copy Editor

* NMP is run entirely by volunteers, has no funding, affiliations, or sponsors, and is made possible by the power of the people and open technologies.