Editorial 18: Amour

Mangrove by Isabelle Hayeur

L’amour est le thème du 18ième numéro de NMP, nov/dec 2011.

L’amour, as in:

– infused with or feeling deep affection or passion
– a sexual passion or desire
– to take great pleasure in

Amour, admiration, adoration, affection, altruisme, amitié, ange, attachement, béguin, charité, coeur, culte, désir, dévouement, entente, enthousiasme, estime, fanatisme, fraternité, idolâtrie, liaison, passion, penchant, relation, tendresse, vénération.

There’s plenty to love in this issue.

Antonia Hernández asks: Is love a force? Andrea Zeffiro offers up traces of a secret love affair. Barbara Crow, Ana Rita Morais & Allyson Mitchell love grey, all the way. Tracy Tidgwell gives us an overview of Deirdre Logue’s long-term love affair with the arts. And, 98% of Vivek Shraya’s songs are about love.

But love is complicated.

Two NMP pieces consider community accountability in response to the impact of abuse in radical organising circles: regular NMP contributor Yasmin Nair in Fuck Love; and Ching-In Chen and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha in their discussion of The Revolution Starts at Home, an anthology published by South End Press.

In conversation with NMP, Isabelle Hayeur talks about the state of the environment, her inspiration, installations, and underwater worlds. Her photography graces the cover of NMP 18.

Indu Vashist is a queer feminist, community activist, and an independent scholar. She talks about the Indian Penal Code, diaspora, decriminalizing homosexual sex, and weaving queer and desi identities.

Heather Davis and Paige Sarlin, in conversation with cultural theorist Lauren Berlant and political philosopher Michael Hardt talk about their use of love as a political concept. In the exchange they discuss how love can be used to think through a non-sovereign notion of both a political body and self.

And, in Le jeu du pendu, Lamathilde speaks of love lost.

Thank you to all the contributors who have made this another excellent issue of NMP. Thank you m-c for the ongoing curatorial genius and for taking on several interviews in this issue. Thank you Tamara Shepherd, Fabien Rose, Momoko Allard, Jacinthe Dupuis, Lindsay Shane, and Jenn Clamen. Huge thank you again to guest editor Sophie Le-Phat Ho and all the amazing contributors in the last issue, NMP 17: magie.


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