Editorial 22: Record

This is the Record issue.

Record, as in:

An official account.
A disk designed to be played on a phonograph.

To set down for preservation.
To make permanent.
To register.

To go on record, to speak off record, to have a good track record, to hold the world record…

In this 22nd issue:

Sameer Farooq & Mirjam Linschooten showcase images from The Museum of Found Objects: Istanbul (2010) and The Museum of Found Objects: Toronto (2011). Taking the shape of a pop up museum, this piece explores fixity, looting, dispersion and ephemerality.

Virginie Jourdain discute avec Marie-Pierre Grenier, la réalisatrice de la vidéo I still love them (Je les aime encore).

Carrie Rentschler’s On s’en câlisse, La loi spéciale: The Music Festival that Wasn’t comes from an important open-wi issue of wi: journal of mobile media on the Quebec student strike (Out of the Mouths of “Casseroles”: Textes qui bougent au rythem du carré rouge), documenting the ongoing demonstrations and the odious Bill 78. This issue was edited by: Kim Sawchuk, Owen Chapman, Alison Reiko Loader, Magda Olszanowski, and Ben Spencer.

If the Record Could Change is a conversation between cultural theorist Dina Georgis and video artist Alexis Mitchell. Mitchell’s 2010 video CAMP looks at the architectural space of the camp (with a camp aesthetic) to discuss contemporary Jewish culture and political involvement.

Anna Friz showcases three audio pieces created as part of an ongoing exploration about time-keeping and recording, the perception and standardization of time, and radio: Uncoordinated Universal TimeWideThe Waltz of the Parking Meters (with Eric Leonardson). Grab your headphones.

For the past three years, Vincent Chevalier kept a ‘little black blog’ consisting of images from his essay project Places Where I’ve Fuck’d. In his own words, this essay “examines how the act of recording his sexual history functions as a gesture in which the self is put into play through an encounter with an apparatus of disclosure.”

In ‘F*ck-ing the Record’: On Year 7 of the Feminist Porn Awards, Bobby Noble encourages us to think through the feminist-ness and porn-ness of feminist porn, using the Feminist Porn Awards as site of inquiry.

Marc Weidenbaum interviews Christof Migone about his installation titled: The Rise and Fall of the Sounds and Silence from Mars. This is Migone’s 2010 sonic excavation of Ray Bradbury’s classic science fiction novel, The Martian Chronicles.

NMP superstar Andrea Zeffiro sits down with artist/DJ/imaginatrice Claire Kenway to discuss one of her most recent works, ////Friction, which straddles underground electronic music and cycling cultures.

Cecelia Berkovic’s presents an excerpt from her book No Tears created to commemorate the life of her friend and fellow artist Will Munro. A version of this book was included in the exhibition Will Munro: History, Glamour, Magic at the Art Gallery of York University this past winter. Keep your eyes peeled for the print run of No Tears which will also include haikus by past NMP contributor, Jon Davies.

NMP was very happy to have the opportunity to interview cover photographer Kyle Lasky about the photo series Lesbian Bedrooms I and II. Lasky’s work explores gender, identity, feminism, and queerness.

Look for Owen Chapman’s final piece(s) from his series of interviews with audio/sound artists, in the last issue of NMP for 2012.

The print edition of the Waste issue (#21) is now available via print-on-demand. Order your copy today from Lulu.

We would also like to remind you that Heather Davis will be our special guest editor for our next (sept/oct issue), themed Dirt. We’re very excited.

NMP will be presenting a paper as part of the Opening the Archives panel at Console-ing Passion in Boston this month. The presentation will offer up a kind of media archaeology of NMP, digging into files from 2003 to the present. This excavation project is intended to both locate and trace the project’s trajectory and reflect on the possibilities and limitations of looking back. We’ll be sure to post a link to that paper when it’s done.

In the process of preparing for this presentation, we found long-forgotten CD back ups from 2004, and the original hand-drawn logo. We also found an interview that OutCrowd magazine had done with NMP last year but that never ended up published, so we’re making it available here for anyone interested. Special nod to the Fembots – see you in Boston!

If you would like to contribute to NMP, please read through our guidelines and email us at info at nomorepotlucks dot org.

Thank you to our amazing copy editors for this issue: Andrea Zeffiro and Tamara Shepherd.

Finally we’d like to acknowledge that the last Meow Mix took place in Montreal. Huge thank you once again to Miriam Ginestier for her support  of NMP throughout the years and for making Montreal a better place to live.

Dear readers, we are still and always committed to bringing forward a bona fide and authentic journal bimonthly.

Your NMP Editors,
Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee