Editorial 24: Panique

affolement, agitation, alarme, épouvante, frayeur, précipitation, sauve-qui-peut, terreur.

A sudden, overpowering terror, often affecting many people at once.
A sudden widespread alarm.
Overwhelming terror.
Effroi soudain et incontrôlable.


This 24th issue of NMP features the beautiful work of Jeremy Kai on the cover.

NMP regular, Karen Herland, discusses the ramifications of rape culture with Jane Doe; how rape is (mis)understood, deployed, and maintained in our culture. Together they make the case that female sexuality is still used to silence and criminalize women.

As US presidential elections loom, Yasmin Nair questions the differences between Obama and Romney, who in her opinion are often indiscernible despite the media’s attempts in defining the elections as a clash between distinctive characters.

Jennifer Adese reflects on anxieties about Otherness, namely “colonial anxiety” or “settler anxiety” in a Canadian context, and the feelings of fear, terror, and unease it provokes.

Rae Spoon and Nazmia Jamal talk about DIY organizing and how it has changed through the advent of social media.

Owen Chapman interviews Montreal-based sound artist, Chantal Dumas. Ensemble, ils discutent du sens de «l’art audio» par rapport à la performance.

This issue also features a conversation between the two of us–Mél and M-C, about the end of the world…

As always, huge thank you to our copy editors-Tamara and Jacinthe–and contributors and readers and supporters of the project in so many ways…

Dear readers, we are still and always committed to bringing forward an unsettling and alarming journal bimonthly.

Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee