Editorial 26: Haunted

Welcome to #26: this is the Haunted issue.

Haunted as in:

      • to inhabit, visit, or appear to in the form of a ghost or other supernatural being
      • to obsess
      • to be continually present in
      • to pervade
      • to be troubled, to be bothered.


NMP regular Andrea Zeffiro speaks with Red Works Studio‘s Nadya Kwandibens, the cover photographer for this issue. Kwandibens’ photography focuses on the decolonization of representation of Indigenous people.

Sarah Mangle is a writer, performer and educator currently living in Toronto, Ontario. Mangle describes her work as “an emotional political dream” and as “an attempt to understand an embodied grieving experience of the early AIDS crisis, without having been there.” Through Deathlist – performed as a 9 minute spoken piece that is read with a simple slide show backdrop – she attempts to understand intergenerational misunderstandings, differences and trauma.

Nicole Robicheau is a storyteller and media maker working and living in Montréal. Robicheau’s The Border Between Us is an interactive documentary about two border towns and twelve people, set in Stanstead, Quebec and Derby Line, USA. It looks at life in the two communities post-9/11. We had the opportunity to interview her again, as part of an ongoing conversation, which began through the Korsakow blog last November.

Jon Davies is a curator and writer based in Toronto. Davies explores the relationship between avant-garde dancer/ choreographer Michael Clark and his glamourously queer London post-punk circle and how it inspired the author’s own queer milieu in Toronto, centered around the drag party Hotnuts, almost twenty-five years later.

Mitchell Akiyama is a Toronto based composer, artist, and scholar. Yan Wu is a curator and writer who lives and works in Toronto. In conversation with Akiyama, Wu reflects on the project Ur-sound, or, the noise no writing can store, at the Gendai Workstation in 2012.

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Dear readers, we are still and always committed to bringing forward a haunting and captivating journal bimonthly.

Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee