Editorial 29: Used

Welcome to #29: this is the USED issue.

Used, as in:

• use, user, useless, utlized
• employed to accomplish something, employed with a purpose
• accustomed, in the habit of, wont to, accustomed
• secondhand, worn out
• showing wear
• exploited
• victimized


In this issue:

Artist/curator Shea Chang interviews documentary photographer, Annie Sakkab, whose work addresses socio-cultural issues and questions of identity, and seeks to raise awareness on experiences of exile, uprooting, and displacement among marginalized groups.

Collaborators Chase Joynt and M.K. Bryson discuss the experiences and complications of creating RESISTERECTOMY, a 4-part multi-media moving image, picture and text installation that challenges the boundaries of a gendered body through the examination and infiltration of, in and on various medical procedures and spaces.

Radhika Gajjala, Professor of Media and Communication at Bowling Green State University, experiments with the theme of “use” drawn from ongoing research on craft communities in current socio-economic times.

Expansion to Exhaustion by Simon Rabyniuk, was written for the catalogue that accompanied Elinor Whidden‘s exhibition “Images of the Old West: Roadkill Redux” at the Thames Gallery in Chatham, Ontario in June 2013. Whidden’s work puts the past in conversation with the present as she scavenges from both the colonial pages of history and the scrap yards of our present day to re-stage contemporary versions of historical moments.

Mark Ambrose Harris writes an essay that addresses sexually transmitted scabies as a starting point for a conversation about the physical transgression of parasites, the ramifications for the host, and various twinges of shame. Harris argues that “These biological entities use our bodies as mere vessels for their own greater good. We’re afraid of how parasites will invade our carnal veneer, but not as much as we fear their escape plan”…

Our next theme is GRAPHIC, out November 1, 2013. It’s a long overdue special all-graphic arts issue!

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Mél Hogan & M-C MacPhee