Editorial 38: Risk

Welcome to #38: this is the RISK issue.


RISK, as in:

• to be a risk, to be at risk, to take a risk, to be risqué…
• the possibility that something bad or unpleasant will happen
• someone who might cause something bad to happen
• something that you judge to be a bad choice
• hazard, imminence, menace, peril, pitfall, danger, threat, trouble…

In this issue:

Stories of peril, jeopardy and chance…

Shadi Ghadirian is our cover photographer. The Miss Butterfly series features women spinning intricate spider webs in cold and empty domestic spaces. The images extend Ghadirian’s observations on gendered tensions and social restrictions in Iran but with an inflection towards self-preservation and hope.

In Posthumanism and the Political Problem of Risk, Robert N. Spicer approaches risk from a posthumanist perspective. Spicer’s contribution considers the interrelationship between the risks we take with lives that do not yet exist, and the lived realities of technological inequality and social equilibrium.

Margaret Rhee is a poet, artist, and scholar interested in exploring the interplay between technology and the human through tangible, participatory, and socially engaged ways through The Kimchi Poetry Machine. For NMP, Rhee shares three short video demos with artist-theorist micha cárdenas in a series entitled, “Red Bloom: A Poetry Altar for.”

Writer, performer and educator Ryka Aoki shares a short fictional piece, “Falafel”. While roaming in L.A., a protagonist contemplates the past’s encroachment on the present and discovers a hollow space for new beginnings in a chance encounter.

Daniel Brittany Chávez is a performance artist-scholar-activist and two spirit transmasculine decolonial walker. “Negrita, Mi Luz” is a text in perpetual development, reflecting on a process of transformation, transition and possibility.

NMP interviews Erin McGregor of Queer Public prior to the launch of the first podcast episode on binational gay marriage, available on iTunes and Stitcher.

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As always, huge thank-you to our copy editors, to all the NMP regulars, contributors past and future, and to readers and supporters of the project in so many ways.

Mél Hogan, M-C MacPhee and Andrea Zeffiro