Everything You Do – Christine Bougie


Everything You Do by Christine Bougie & Dafydd Hughes

About the Track

“Everything You Do Matters.” This quote was written on a small piece of paper and taped to the wall of my kitchen a few years ago. I didn’t put it there, my roommate did. And it stuck with me. I became intrigued with the idea that everything I do, or don’t do, will have an affect. In music, everything note you play matters, and every note you don’t play matters. I’m sure you’ve heard that before -the whole “space in between the notes” thing. Well, it’s true. And that space is what I love most about my collaboration with Dafydd Hughes. This track is from our album, This Is Awesome.

About Me

Playing guitar, lap steel, and drums keeps me busy most days, but I also spend time on my blog (http://www.christinebougie.com), where I write about my creative process and things that inspire me. I’m currently working on a new album of instrumentals featuring the lap steel guitar, and raising the funds to make it possible through pre-sales and donations. You can read more about the album and pre-order a copy at http://www.christinebougie.com.

My Process

I don’t write words. Just music. As a guitarist who makes instrumental music, people often assume that I play jazz. Although, I’ve studied some jazz and I do have some of that background, the music I make can’t really fit that label. What I like to say is that I write “wordless songs.” Songs have melodies, and are not necessarily vehicles for exploratory improvisation. At this point in my musical life, I’m much more interested
in writing and playing melodies than jazz style improvisation.

Most of my ideas begin as small seeds – maybe a piece of a melody or a chord change. I’ll record that idea using a loop station, playing along on a continuous loop to develop it a bit more. There’s always a gestation period for an idea. Sometimes it pops back into my head in a few months, in which case I’ll decide to develop it and finish it.

Another way I like to write music is to focus on playing only what I hear in my head. This means that I have to be really honest with myself before I let my fingers touch the guitar (or keyboard). Did I really hear that melody? Or did my fingers just go there? Muscle memory is an amazing thing. And as musicians, it’s really easy to fall into the habit of letting your fingers move where they’re used to moving. With this approach to writing I like to scrap the recording device. If I can’t remember what I wrote the next day, then it’s just gone. I like this approach, but it’s pretty humbling.

Christine Bougie is a lap steel player, guitarist, and occasionally a drummer, based in Toronto, Canada. In addition to playing on over 30 recordings, she released two albums of original instrumental music: Hammy’s Secret Life (2007) and This Is Awesome (2008). She’s currently working on a third album, titled Aloha Supreme, to be released in 2010. In the meantime, she continues to perform with artists including Amy Millan, Julie Fader, Roxanne Potvin, Sylvia Tyson, John Southworth, Jenny Whiteley, and many more. You can catch up with Christine at her website, http://www.christinebougie.com, and on Twitter @christinebougie