Lovers Lane – Marlena Zuber

Dandy Horse Magazine asked me to map my favourite cycling route for their summer 2009 issue. At that interval of my life I was very much in love and dating someone new. The route would have to be my ten minute zig zag north to his house. Lovers Lane is a journal of time and place and is evidence of more than just one relationship. It guides you through first dates, meaningful landmarks, introduces you to my friends, my community, my thoughts and feelings, break-ups and alternate routes.

Marlena Zuber lives and works in Toronto. She makes maps, illustrates books and magazines, produces drawings and paintings and is a member of the glam-pop indie band, Tomboyfriend. She also assists in running the non-profit art program, Creative Works Studio. In 2008, Marlena partnered with writer Stacey May Fowles to produce the illustrated novel Fear of Fighting, published by Invisible Publishing. She recently completed a large series of maps and drawings for Stroll, a monograph of Toronto from a flaneur’s perspective, by Shawn Micallef, published by Coach House Books.