“People This 2012 Shit is Hype” by Mél Hogan – M-C MacPhee

I asked Mél to include her People this 2012 shit is hype video in this issue because it fits our theme: ‘panique’ and because it was this specific work that led us to have ‘panique’ as a theme that would encompass the scheduled date for the end of the world: December 21, 2012.

This video is part of GIV’s Perils programme schedule to be screened at the Htmlles 10 Festival between November 10-18, 2012 (Montréal), and again on December 21, 2012 (Toronto), as part of the Pleasure Dome‘s Ready for Extinction programme. People this 2012 shit is hype was also featured at FIFA 2010 and WNDX 2011, Winnipeg’s Festival of Film and Video Art. This video is distributed by GIV.

For some reason People this 2012 shit is hype was uploaded to YouTube by 6X6. It was a submission for 6X6’s Disaster theme, but was never accepted… but… it makes it easier to embed here, so, thanks.

People this 2012 shit is hype is a conversation about the end of the world. Assembled from YouTube comments from videos about the 2012 phenomenon, People this 2012 shit is hype is a collection of fears and philosophies about the stakes involved in the vanishing of the human race. Based on numerous spiritual, mathematical, scientific, and apocalyptical readings of the Mayan Long Count Calendar, December 21, 2012, is an important date where diverse eschatological beliefs are said to culminate. People this 2012 shit is hype is the second in the Comment Collection project, exploring the power of the viewer to tell and re-tell stories.

M-C: Do you think people believe the world is actually going to end?

Mél: Based on the comments made on YouTube videos about the end of the world, I think so. At least YouTube’s main demographic – boys between 12 and 18 – seems to think so. Also, it’s starting to feel like the world is ending. Why, do you think the world is going to end?

M-C: Do you think we’re ready for the end (looking at the impacts of Sandy, I would say, no…)?

Mél: Yes and no. In my other project on 52pickupvideos.com people seem to think that it’s not something you prepare for, or, that it’s something they are always and already preparing for, i.e., death. So no, we’re not ready. But a lot of people think the end of the world is about a 4th consciousness, so a metaphor… something to do with aliens maybe. What are you doing to prepare for the end of the world? Oh wait, I know, punching me in the face and calling your mom