Collaborating with the Accidental: Alexis O’Hara and the Art of Improvisation – Stephen Lawson

Collaborating with the Accidental: Alexis O’Hara and the Art of Improvisation

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Interview part 1 – Alexis O’Hara and Stephen Lawson

Interview part 2 – Alexis O’Hara and Stephen Lawson

“Twenty three”

“Stockholm Effect”


Alexis O’Hara is a trilingual interdisciplinary artist based in Montreal. Her practice exploits allegories of the human voice via electronic improvisation, video and installation. Much of work, be it video, photography, song or interactive performance, has examined issues around exhibitionism & modesty, the public face of human emotion and cognitive science, all couched within the slanted framework of a distinctly feminine strength. In 2001, she released a book of poetry entitled (more than) Filthy Lies; and in 2002, her first album, In Abulia (Grenadine Records). Several mini-CDs followed. In 2003, she began an exploration of interactive documentary performance with the project Subject to Change, followed by The Sorrow Sponge, both projects involve wearable electronics and direct interaction with her audience. She recently undertook her first contract in musical composition for dance, scoring the 20th anniversary gala for Montreal’s center for live art practices, Studio 303. Her eclectic performances have been presented in a variety of contexts, from spoken word to live art festivals, new music symposiums to “women & technology” events in Slovenia, Austria, Mexico, Germany, Spain, The United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Belgium and across Canada and the US. She has shared the stage with such diverse artists as Diamanda Galàs, Ursula Rucker, Henri Chopin and TV on the Radio. SQUEEEEQUE, her sound installation tours Germany, France and Holland in 2010. In 2010, for the second year running, she accepts the challenge launched by artist Dayna McLeod and is producing one video a week. Alexis’ 2nd full-length CD, Ellipsis, will be released on &records in November 2010.

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Since 1988, Stephen Lawson has continuously traversed the discipline-defined boundaries of theatre, music, new media installation, television/radio, print and video.

Upon graduating from the acting program of the National Theatre School of Canada he became a co-founder of the Winnipeg-based performance troupe PRIMUS (1989-1998) which created/toured numerous original productions, taught workshops and carried out artistic exchanges internationally. During this period Stephen also coordinated and participated in an annual environmental theatre production in the small agricultural village of Nocelle, Italy.

Stephen’s work as a director has been primarily focused on large-scale contemporary music pieces and he has produced several video art collaborations that have been screened internationally. He has developed cultural commentary work for print (magazine and newspaper), radio (documentary formats), and television as well as having worked on many radio dramas for CBC radio as an actor, writer, and director.

Stephen moved to Montreal in 2001 and since 2002 he has been collaborating with multidisciplinary artist Aaron Pollard ( creating and touring transmedia performances, installations and videos throughout North America, South America and Europe. He is the 2009 recipient of the Canada Council Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award recognizing outstanding mid-career achievement in the field of Integrated Arts.

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Residency / Symposium / Exhibition / Festival
May 19 to June 12, 2011
Location: Durham Art Gallery

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Wish I could of heard Alexis more.

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Where can i buy a CD?

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click on music, shop coming soon…