Restrict Someone on Instagram

Instagram is a popular medium in the world of social media. On this platform, from common people to popular stars are connected with their followers. Here you can share photos or short videos as well as likes, comments, and messaging. Although these are pleasant and sweet to people, sometimes they cause various harassment, annoyance, and threats. To solve this and to maintain a healthy environment on Instagram, authorities have added an option called “Account Restriction”. In this case, by using “Account Restriction” an Instagram user can easily avoid cyberbullying, harassing, and annoying people.

If you are also in an offensive situation on Instagram then you should use this “Restrict” feature. However, before using it, you must know the complete and detailed information about “Account Restrict”. So, in this discussion we will learn about Instagram’s “Account Restriction”, why you restrict someone on Instagram, what does it means to restrict someone on Instagram, What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram, how to restrict or unrestrict someone on Instagram, and related issues.

Why Do You Restrict Someone on Instagram?

Usually, you can restrict someone on Instagram for various reasons. Depending on your situation, you may need to restrict someone from your account. However, the reasons for restricting someone may be different for different people, situations, and necessities. Here I tried highlighting some common and very important reasons for restricting people on Instagram. So, you can also restrict someone on Instagram if you have a similar situation and necessities.

  • Celebrities especially Girls are constantly facing bad comments, bad criticism, cyberbullying, and annoying situations on their posts. If certain people deliberately do these things regularly, it is possible to restrict them and avoid unpleasant situations or upsets later.
  • If someone keeps bothering you with repeated comments, or messages, you can get rid of them by restricting them. If you block him in this case, he will not find your account and will be disconnected from them. But by restricting you can bring him back to normal after a certain period of time. This method can be applied especially to certain known people.
  • You created an account on Instagram but you can’t post, like, comment, or share pictures as you want because of the fear of any of your parents and you can’t even block them. Then in this case you can restrict the said guardian or person.

What Does It Mean to Restrict Someone on Instagram?

Instagram authorities are constantly adding different features from time to time to improve quality. One such feature is account restriction which was added to Instagram in 2019. Now, what is the meaning of restricting someone on Instagram?

Generally, restriction means limiting something and in the case of Instagram, restriction is the process of restricting the various actions of users. That is, if someone is restricted on Instagram, then that user will be deprived of a certain number of your activities. As such, when you block someone on Instagram, their messages won’t normally come straight to your inbox. Again, others won’t see their comments on your post either. As a result, you will get rid of unwanted comments and messages.

What Happens When You Restrict Someone on Instagram

We already know what is meant by account restriction on Instagram. But, what actually happens when you restrict someone on Instagram? Now we will discuss how account restriction works on Instagram.

Generally account restriction on Instagram works in 3 cases. Namely:

  • When the message arrives
  • Regarding public comment
  • In terms of hiding online activity information

So, let’s find out what actually happens in these fields when you restrict someone on Instagram.

Messages Will Come As A Request

We all know that when someone sends a message on Instagram, it shows directly in the inbox. In many cases, some users send spam or annoying messages that are not liked. So, many people want to avoid such people. So when you restrict someone, that user’s messages won’t come directly to your DM inbox.

Messages Will Come As A Request

But don’t worry, those messages will be stored in the “Requests” tab of your account. You can see them whenever you want. The interesting thing is that even if you see their messages, they won’t understand that you have seen the messages. Moreover, if necessary, you can reply to a specific message. There is a slight problem with this, if you want to reply to someone you need to un-restrict the account first.

Comments Can Only Be Seen By You & The User

Public comments on Instagram are very important and sensitive. Many people comment while maintaining a healthy environment, while many others make bad comments, which cause tension with dignity. Sometimes it gives rise to a lot of controversy and criticism. In such situations, account restrictions on Instagram maintain a very safe environment.

Comment Hidden

Restricting someone on Instagram allows them to comment on your posts just like other normal users. But only you and him can see his comments. In this case, Instagram will hide that comment from other users by default. The interesting thing here is that he may not understand that you have restricted him.

You can’t view the comments of restricted users directly on Instagram. Generally, from the “View Comments” option, you can see the comments of all users as well as restricted users. So, If you find their comments appropriate, you can public them to everyone if you want.

Comment Approve

Online Active Status Will Be Hidden

When you’re online or active on Instagram (people you’ve chatted with) can see your current activity icon or information about when you were last active. But if you restrict someone, they won’t be able to see any information about your active status. Even if you chat with someone, post, watch reels or scroll through the feed, they won’t be able to see your activity status. Also, they won’t be able to see or understand when you were last active. As a result, you can use Instagram (chatting, commenting, watching reels and photos) in peace.

How to Restrict Someone on Instagram

In the above discussion, you have learned in detail what does it mean to restrict someone on Instagram and what happens when you restrict someone on Instagram. If you need all these features then you can restrict someone on Instagram by following the methods discussed below.

There are generally 3 ways to restrict someone on Instagram. According to the situation, in a short time and easily, Instagram officials have given this opportunity in the comment option, message option, and user profile options. Remember, you can’t restrict using Instagram on a PC or web browser. In this case, you can restrict someone by using the Instagram app only. So let’s go through all these methods to restrict someone on Instagram.

Restrict via Instagram Comments

If someone bothers you with unnecessary, irrelevant, nonsense, promotional links or repetitive comments on your posts, you don’t want to block them outright. In this case, you can restrict him from the comment option if you want. In this case, if he later comments on your post, it will immediately be hidden from others as private. But you can see it and approve the comment if you want. If you approve that comment, it will be visible to everyone.

Although any person can be restricted from the comment option, there are some differences in the settings of Android and iPhone. Below is the method to restrict someone by commenting on Instagram depending on the operating system app.

Restrict via Instagram Comments

  • First, open the “Comment Section” Of your post where you want to restrict someone.
  • Then, Identify the comment that you want to remove or restrict the user.
  • On Android, just tap and hold the comment then you will get an “i” information icon. Clicking on the “i” icon, you will get the option to restrict the user. So, tap on the “Restrict” button. Finally, the user will be restricted from your normal Instagram usage.
  • In the same way on iPhone, just swipe left the comment then you will get the “i” info icon. Then, open it and restrict the user.

Restrict via Instagram Comments By iPhone

Restrict via Message Option

Suppose someone is sending unnecessary messages while conversing with someone and you don’t want to receive message notifications from that person. In that case, you can also restrict someone from the message option. This option is also useful if you want certain people not to know your online activity details.

Restrict via Message Option
Restrict via Message Option

  • In this case, tap on the profile name of the person in your conversation.
  • Then restrict his account by enabling the “Restrict” option from (3 dots) settings.

Restrict via Message Option By iPhone

Restrict From User’s Profile

Anyone can be restricted by opening their profile on Instagram. This is the most common method to restrict a user on Instagram. So, follow the steps below to restrict a profile on Instagram:

Restrict From User’s Profile

Restrict From User’s Profile

  • Open the profile of the user you want to restrict on Instagram.
  • Then tap on the left side menu or the three dots icon.
  • Now a pop-up menu will open, from there select the “Restrict” option.
  • Then confirm your decision by tapping on the “Restrict Account” button.
  • In this case, that Instagram user will be restricted from your account.

How to See a List of All Restricted Accounts on Instagram

As the user restricts different people from his account on Instagram at different times, he doesn’t even remember the account names of the people he restricts. Sometimes it may be desirable to consider “restricting” the restrictors. So there may be curiosity or a need to know who is restricted. In this case, you can see at any time how many and whose accounts you have restricted. The restricted list is very easy to see in the Instagram user-friendly interface. So, below is the rule to view the list of all accounts you have restricted on Instagram.

How to See a List of All Restricted Accounts on Instagram

  • First, tap on the “hamburger button” in the top left corner of your Instagram profile.
  • Then, access the “Restricted” option from the “Settings & Privacy” option.
  • Then you can see all the Instagram profiles that your account has restricted.

How to Unrestrict an Account on Instagram

Instagram users can be restricted as well as unrestricted. For that, you need to find out the list of restricted accounts first. Next to the restricted list on Instagram, there is an option to unrestrict them. From there you can unrestrict whoever you want.

Unrestrict an Account on Instagram

Alternatively, you can also unrestrict the restrictions by visiting their profile. In this case, open the profile of the Instagram user you want to unrestrict. Then tap on the “Unrestrict” button under their bio. Then they will become unrestricted on Instagram again and have full access to all your access (comments, messages, active status information).

Unrestrict an Account on Instagram

Restrict Someone On Instagram Video


If we restrict someone on Instagram will they know?

No! The restricted Instagram user will not know about it.

When you restrict someone on Instagram can they see your posts and story?

Yes. Users can see your posts even if you restrict them but their comments will not appear on other users or the public. In this case, only you and the user can see the comments. They also can see your story but their activity in your story will not be visible to others.

If you restrict someone on Instagram can they see your followers?

After restricting someone on Instagram he can see your followers normally. It does not affect the followers’ list of you.

If you restrict someone on Instagram can they message you?

Yes. But you will not get their message directly. In this case, Their messages will be stored on the “Requests” option. If you want to see their messages then you have to check the “Resuests” message list.

What if I join a group chat with a restricted account?

Instagram will give you a warning if someone joins you in a group chat or if you’ve joined and the group has restricted users. Then you can stay in that group if you want or you can take leave if you don’t want. But if you send a message to the group, the restricted person can see your messages and you can also see their messages.

What happens to previous comments on restricted accounts after de-restriction?

If your Instagram account is private, comments made when restricted will remain the same as previously. That is, they cannot be seen by users other than you. However, post-unrestricted comments will generally be public.

And if your Instagram account is public, restricted comments will also be visible to everyone.