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nomorepotlucks » Editorial 12: Rage

Editorial 12: Rage


Le thème: la rage.

Colère violente, explosive. Une intensité furieuse, comparable à celle d’une tempête ou d’une maladie. Violent, explosive anger. A fit of anger. Furious intensity.

The link between rage and anger is one that came up in almost every submission to NMP — the issue for which the theme was most closely contemplated. NMP wraps up its second year — can you believe it? — with this excellent assortment of rage-filled, rage-induced, rage-inspired, contributions to art and analysis. The good kind of rage. The productive kind of rage.

Yasmin Nair never ceases to amaze me with her ability to make sense of things. Important things. When your politics are true to your heart — as they so obviously are for Nair — rage becomes the lube that untangles the threads of power. Plucking identity from ideology, Nair troubles the perceptions of Dan Choi as martyr and militant.

Rage can also be a burning desire; a passion.
Un désir brûlant ; une passion.

RM Vaughn chats with Andrew Harwood about the role of rage as a creative force. Together they wisely tease out the part played by anger, repression, alienation, fear, regret, and sadness in art – always as a means of understanding the world and the people in it.

Interdisciplinary artist, Dana Claxton, corresponds with NMP’s Dayna McLeod about her recent projects, her inspirations, and the importance of weaving rage with grace in art-making processes that draw from and deal with oppression and conceptions of justice. Claxton provides NMP with photography, video, and insights into her performative work.

Rage: to spread or prevail forcefully. To move with great violence or intensity.

Traveling through Israel and Palestine to visit friends, Chelsey Lichtman documents her detour on a Birthright Israel tour. With that tour, Lichtman became one of 200,000 Jewish young adults to cash in on a free trip to Israel sponsored by the Israeli government and philanthropists… the intention of which is subverted and detailed in a series of email exchanges with friends and family.

NMP’s M-C MacPhee gets personal with singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier. An inspiring interview.

Zaheen K. interviews the director of the film “red lips [cages for black girls]”, kyisha williams, where they discuss first experiences in filmmaking, scaling down and letting go.

Regular NMP contributor, Elisha Lim continues with the fabulous ‘Illustrated Gentlemen’ series. Lim’s 2011 Wall Calendar by the same name is currently on sale at www.etsy.com/shop/elishalim. Look for Lim’s book ‘100 Butches’ to be published next year.

Illustrator and founder of micro-publishing B&D Press, Eloisa Aquino, presents a stunning story on the life of Chavela Vargas. Look forward to another one of Aquino’s incredible zines in 2011.

A regular contributor to NMP, Nicholas Little, presents another incredibly succinct and potent piece on sex work as perceived by the Canadian media since the important ruling by Judge Himel that saw three major Criminal Code provisions whipped into submission. We look forward to tracking the progress of this decision in 2011.

Finally, in this issue I had the privilege of co-interviewing someone I admire and whose power resonates well beyond the pages of this journal. Jenn Clamen has been working with us at NMP for over a year, but it is perhaps in this issue that we see the full grandeur of her contributions. She discusses, with co-contributor M-C MacPhee and me, the impact of the recent ruling by Himel.

Happy birthday to M-C: my best friend of life and the fast-typing fingers of NMP.

I hope to keep burning the midnight oil with you forever.

Thank you to S. Ingraham for the donation to NMP, and to Elana Wright, Jane Schulman and Arlene Zimmerman for pledging to Dykes on Mykes in order to support CKUT 90.3 FM, community radio, in and out of Montreal. I should mention that NMP also donated money to CKUT’s Dykes on Mykes and that you should, too. (We got Ani Difranco’s latest album ‘Canon’ for it, too. So there.) Pledge online now – it takes five seconds.You can also donate money to NMP – more than 30$ gets you a free subscription and a mention on the thank-you page.Thank you to Dayna McLeod and our regular contributors for keeping up the amazing quality of NMP. Big warm welcome to Yasmin Nair – our newest regular contributor! As always, huge thank-you to copy editors for this issue: Renuka Chaturvedi, Jenn Clamen, Tamara Sheperd, and Lindsay Shane.Merci, sincèrement, à nos contributrices et nos contributeurs de 2009 et 2010. If you’ve missed out on some of the action — not to worry — you can buy your print copies directly from the publishers online.

Special thank you to Momoko Allard for the endless hours of formatting the journals for print. Issue 11 is HUGE and it’s out now:

In two months, NMP embarks on a 3rd year of showcasing amazing talent and brains. With issue 13 launching in January 2011, we’re preempting all superstitions with the theme of “chance”. Stay tuned.

Until then: see you all at the Meow Mix, December 4, at Sala Rosa (Montreal!). Great show in the works. We’ll also give away 5 print issues of the NMP journals…

As always, do comment on the articles — contributors are thankful for this. Dear readers, we are still and always committed to bringing forward a riotous and rebellious magazine bimonthly.

Mél Hogan