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nomorepotlucks » Editorial 42: Power

Editorial 42: Power

Welcome to #42: this is the POWER issue.

Power. It’s the ability to exercise control, to claim authority, to dominate and manipulate. Power can be disciplinary, individual, technological or architectural. It can be shared, distributed or concentrated. It can be destructive, haunting. It can be inspiring. It can be seductive, playful. It can be stripped, denied, and resisted.

Power, also, as in:
– power tools
– power play
– superpowers
– power/knowledge

In this issue:

Mary Elizabeth Luka (NMP’s east coast connection) interviews Lee Cripps, a professional artist and arts administrator living and working in Halifax, NS. In Power Centre – Backbone as Metaphor, Cripps explains the process of documenting her life using landscape, portraiture, journalism and expression. Her photography was our selection for the cover of this issue of POWER.

Michael Brendan Baker talks to Vancouver-based artist Howie Tsui about his latest work, Retainers of Anarchy, a multi-disciplinary project — including paperworks, sculpture, built structures, animation, and video — organized around a large-format video projection and an interactive installation component, which will be exhibited at the Vancouver Art Gallery in spring 2017.

nathalie lemoine (né.e kimura byol) is a conceptual multimedia feminist artist who works on identities (diaspora, ethnicity, colorism, post-colonialism, immigration, gender), and expresses it through calligraphy, paintings, digital images, poems, videos and photography. In lemoine’s own words:

mes vidéos de 100 secondes sont conceptuelles. à plusieurs niveaux de lecture… avec des références souvent multi-culturelles et/ou linguistiques. Sachant que je ne réinvente pas le monde ni un language visuel, j’offre des anecdotes, des pensées à crueusér, une vision personnelle de dealer avec les identités au plur.yel.le.

Kaleigh Trace’s “The Doctor Said…” uses anecdotal evidence to explore the ways in which access to power can impact individual’s capacity for bodily self-governance namely in the health care system. In between appointments, she writes. Her work has appeared in GUTS, Shameless, and The Huffington Post. Her first book “Hot, Wet & Shaking: How I Learned to Talk About Sex” (Invisible Publishing, 2014) won the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Award in 2015.

NMP regular, Andrea Zeffiro, interviews Anne Balay about her award winning book, Steel Closets: Voices of Gay, Lesbian and Transgender Steelworkers, a study exploring the lives of forty Northwest Indiana GLTB steelworkers. Balay graduated with a PhD from the University of Chicago, after which she promptly became a car mechanic. Balay moved to Gary, Indiana to teach, and was immediately interested in the steel industry of the region. Her coworker and mentor, Jimbo Lane, suggested that she would be perfectly suited to meeting with and writing about the LGBT workers within the mill community, and Steel Closets was written.

2016 is now in the works but it’s not too late to submit proposals. Email us: info@nomorepotlucks.org

We are also hard at work on finalizing all of the print issues – coming out soon, thanks to Yishan Huang.

Many thanks to Dayna McLeod for guest editing our last issue, themed Aged.

As always, huge thank-you to Tamara Shepherd for copy editing, and to all the NMP regulars, contributors past and future, and to readers and supporters of the project in so many ways.

Mél Hogan, Andrea Zeffiro and M-C MacPhee