Fur – JD Drummond

Attempting to understand our experience of and in our bodies can be so confusing. I understand bodies as changeable, markable, fluid, shifting and temporary and I am interested in how we – in these bodies – relate to time and memory and to each other. Animal and human combinations have been helpful for me in drawing out – literally and figuratively – some of these ideas and making them less abstract. I strive to balance the potential seriousness of my thematic interests by making art that makes me laugh. Animals are interesting and strange creatures and they are especially funny when they are let loose in my imagination.

JD Drummond is a Montreal based artist, social worker and researcher. She studied drawing at ACAD in Calgary, and studio arts at Concordia University. She recently completed her masters in Social Work at McGill University. The themes she explores in research and writing are also the basis of her art practice. JD is fascinated by embodiment, sexuality, and memory, and addresses these topics artistically through drawing, painting, printmaking and paper cut-outs. She has shown her work in Canada and the US. See more of her work on her blog: www.passmetheprawn.wordpress.com

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Submitted by diane (not verified) on Thu, 04/07/2011 – 17:51.

Such beautiful and delicate work; thank you!