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Les Filles – Meg Hewings

Meg Hewings

I have a lingering fixation with hockey. The first time I consciously set my gaze on the sport, in 2002, I shot this material. Hockey is sensual and political – full of subterfuge, libidinal intuition, ritual, bondage and fetish. Its smell lingers after you play. Women are remaking the game, presenting opportunities to look and play in new ways. This piece is an impressionistic take on one game. It reworks some conventions of sport broadcasting, like slow motion and replay, in order to fixate on the moment. I’ve always found it very sexy that women gear up and dance around the confines, freedoms and paradoxes of macho/butch/drag. Hockey is also a thrill to play. This short piece forms part of a larger video project I’ve been working on about the intimacies of my relationship with the sport. Sincere thanks to my former team, Montreal Wingstar, in the NWHL/CWHL, who let me practice with them and allowed me to get up-close in the locker room, an often sacred space.

Music Les Filles • Stephen Beaupré (Foe Destroyer_Mutek Rec)
Sound fragments • Frédérick Belzile
Editing coach • Cameron Esler
Lovely assistant • Patti Schmidt

Meg Hewings is the assistant editor at Hour in Montreal and a freelancer writer. She also flirts with video art. She’s currently at work on a web project called HockeyDykeInCanada.ca, that hopes to play – and prey – on hockey with abandon. A former player at McGill University and the NWHL (now CWHL), she loves sport and games and is interested in the ways they are a laboratory for human behaviour. She has also been known to dance.

Comments from old site:

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 10/06/2009 – 11:53.

nice play with the music and the motion. liked the dressing room scenes with no faces just the sound and the sights of hockey filles. I think this should go on Don Cherry’s next dvd…

Submitted by Mike M. (not verified) on Tue, 09/01/2009 – 13:29.

Nice video and great sound piece!